GAP Process

Greyhounds entering the Greyhounds As Pets program come from racing kennels and are either retired racing greyhounds or greyhounds who didn't quite cut it as a racing greyhound.

The ownership of the greyhound is transferred to GAP and the greyhound is placed in a Foster home to introduce the dog to life in a house. (There is always a huge list of dogs waiting to enter the adoption program). Once the greyhounds arrive in a foster home they generally need to learn a few house manners and become accustomed to their new life as a pet. Their temperament is assessed along with their compatibility with other pets and their sutablility as a companion animal.

While in foster care they are sterilised, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped and undergo any other necessary vet work - eg teeth cleaning.

Once they have passed the foster care period a permanent responsible home is found for them and the Adoption process begins.

Adoption Process

Interested in adopting a greyhound, but not quite sure they are the dog for you? Check out our adoption information pack!

Anyone interested in adopting a GAP greyhound is asked to fill in an "Application to Adopt" form detailing their living conditions and any other factors that could affect the greyhound, any preferences and additional information about themselves. (Either print out from the link above and fax the forms back or go to "Application to Adopt" on the Adoption drop down menu and apply directly on line.)

The questions asked in this document are designed to assist us in selecting the most suitable pet greyhound for each application. Once a suitable greyhound has been located, undergone the assessment, had the necessary vetting done and graduated from the program the adopters are informed that the greyhound has been successful and is ready to go home as a pet.

When Adopters take their greyhound we would ask you to fill in a "Road Test Contract" and an "Adoption Agreement" contract and pay the fee of $350. This fee covers only the reduced rates we are charged for the sterilisation, microchipping, vaccinations, green collar assessment and dental work, and we will supply a collar, lead, muzzle, green collar and ID card and three months of Advocate treatment for fleas, heartworm and intestinal worms for your greyhound.

Facts and Trivia

Did You Know: In Homerís Odyssey, the only one to recognise Odysseus upon his return was his greyhound Argus.