Dogs Available

The greyhounds listed below are looking to meet their furever family. If you would like more information on fostering or fostering to adopt we'd love to have a chat. You can call us Monday - Friday from 9am - 4pm on 9445 5399.

We've put together an information booklet for prospective owners that covers a lot the questions you may be having. To get a copy of this booklet please email

As soon as the Greyhounds As Pets Team receives your application we will start looking for the right match for you. Matching greyhounds to families is an important aspect of our adoption process and helps ensure you get a greyhound that suits your family and home environment. Depending on your requirements it could take up to a month for us to have a greyhound match for you - please be patient while we find your ideal companion.

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Facts and Trivia

Did You Know: In Britain there is an actual rule of racing, Rule 18, which ensures that the registered owner upon initial acquisition for racing is responsible for the proper provision of the welfare of the greyhounds upon retirement.