• Size

    Males 28 - 37 kg 60 - 75 cm at the shoulder

    Females 24 - 30 kg 55 - 70 cm at the shoulder

  • Colour

    Greyhounds come in an extensive variety of colourings with brindle and fawn being the most common. Other colours include black, white, black and white, white with brindle, red fawn, blue fawn, light fawn, blue and white with any of these colours!

    It is important to note that Greyhounds As Pets DOESN'T select by colour alone as we feel that matching personality is far more important.

  • Age

    Greyhounds coming into the program usually vary from between 2 to 5 years with the average being about 3 years. Racing greyhounds must be at least 16 months old before they are allowed to race. The expected life span of a greyhound is anywhere between 12 - 15 years.

Facts and Trivia

Top Reason #10 to Adopt: They are wonderfully outgoing, friendly and sociable.