The retired racing greyhound makes a great pet. Greyhounds are most content sitting on the couch beside you with their long, elegant head nestled snugly in your lap. If this is what you are looking for in a pet, a greyhound may be the dog for you!

Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) is the only officially sanctioned greyhound adoption program in WA. It is an initiative of RWWA dedicated to finding homes for greyhounds that have retired once their racing career is over.

Each greyhound that enters GAP is cared for by a foster carer for a period of approximately six weeks in order to expose them to as many different experiences (eg. cats, children, small animals etc) as possible. All of our greyhounds are temperament tested prior to entering a home but the foster care process enables us find out more about the greyhound once it is living in a home environment.

GAP greyhounds are desexed, have their teeth cleaned, vaccinated and microchipped; an adoption fee exists only to recover some of these costs. More importantly, these dogs can give as much, if not more, affection than they receive. It is our hope that GAP can improve the image of these beautiful hounds and find loving homes that will bring happiness to both owners and dogs.

Whether you are thinking about the possibility of adopting a retired racing greyhound or have made the decision to offer a home to one, we have compiled this information to help you and your family understand some of the experiences you may have owning a greyhound.

Facts and Trivia

Top Reason #6 to Adopt: They are never confused for a poodle or a chihuahua.