How do I book?

To book your greyhound in for a GAP pre-entry assessment, please email GAP on or phone 9445 5399.

Pre-assessment are run at our kennel facility in Southern River.

There are usually 4 spaces available per session which run weekday mornings Tuesday to Friday. If the sessions are fully booked, you will be asked to call up at a later date and provided with an estimate of when a pre-entry assessment space will become available.

To be eligible for a pre-entry assessment your greyhound must not have been trained, trialled or raced for at least two weeks (preferably a month) prior to the testing day and be retired from racing. Giving your greyhound this down time improves the likelihood it will pass its pre-entry assessment.

What happens at the pre-entry assessment?

GAP staff will conduct a shortened version of the National Temperament Assessment with each greyhound. This includes general observation of the greyhound’s behaviour while waiting, when handled by the GAP staff and when interacting with our small dogs.

Dog that are successful are taken into the GAP kennels on the day if space is available or they are placed on a waiting list - usually no more than 3 weeks.

Please come to your pre-entry assessment with a completed 106 Form, Transfer of Ownership and any vetting or vaccination records you have for each dog.

Greyhounds that are unsuccessful in their pre-entry assessment test have the option to be tested again at a later date after some further training by the owner/trainer.

Please note that because a greyhound does not pass the pre-entry assessment, it does not mean that it will not pass at a later date, nor make a good pet in the right environment.

Facts and Trivia

Top Reason #4 to Adopt: They have a very gentle, placid and docile disposition.